Having spent most of my life a developing country, I quickly began to realise the negative impacts of single use plastic on the oceans, landfill, human health & the general environment

Upon moving to the UK, I have found that a lot of work has been done and is ongoing to create environmentally friendly products that serve the same purpose for us

For our four-legged friends however, things didn't seem to be moving that fast which is where an idea was born...

Eco friendly dog products
Enviropaws dog friendly


The Enviropaws® brand was established with the sole aim of helping pet parents do their best for the environment. We are only focused on sustainable pet products, for a better tomorrow

We strive to ensure our products are of the highest quality and as we grow; our aim is to support the community around us by partnering up with individuals, companies & charities to make sustainable pet products the norm

Every pet and their human can make a difference!


To grow our business through ethical and value creation in the U.K & Europe

We want to further help establish the sustainable pet product market by encouraging production and creating demand

In parallel to this, we will provide balanced information about what we sell and ensure our products are easy to find and affordable

Enviropaws pets


Sustainable Products

Sustainable products & less plastic waste. We love what we do and every step in the right direction matters

Quality Matters

Our materials, packaging & ingredients define who we are and we are working hard to exceed expectations


We are actively looking for ways to make our products better & every detail of our product to matter

Honesty & Integrity

Honesty & Integrity are the fundamentals of our business. We ensure customers are well informed facilitating strong links and transparency between all