Enviropaws Slow Feeder Bamboo Dog Bowl with Anti Slip Grip

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ECO-FRIENDLY - this dog bowl is made from natural renewable resources, bamboo and corn-starch. The bowl is food grade; BPA free and has a non-skid rubber liner underneath to help stop it from moving or sliding around.

⏱️ SLOW PACED MEALS – reduces the risk of various health complications resulting from your dog eating very fast like gastric bloat, choking, overeating, weight gain, vomiting and various others as a result of the design

STRONG & DURABLE - it is dishwasher safe (top shelf) and can be used as a food or water bowl

🧠 MENTALLY ENRICHING & STIMULATING – the maze design will promote an optimal balance of stimulating and engaging your dog’s mind on a daily basis. Meal times will arouse your pet’s interest; endorse intellectual development and become more fun and challenging with the interactive puzzle bowl

Product Features

Environmentally friendly

Available in 2 Sizes

Medium (20cm by 5cm) & Large )25cm by 6cm)

Slow Feeder

Promote healthy eating

Designed in the UK

Manufactured ethically in China